Sipalay Travel Guide

Sipalay Travel Guide: Top things to do and Where to Stay

Sipalay City is one of the few places you should visit in Negros Occidental if you are looking for a beach. The place offers white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Brief History of Sipalay

Hundreds of years ago “tumandoks” or the natives were the first settlers of the place. They were a Malay and Bornean roots. Sipalay is bounded by Hinobaan in the south, Cauayan in the north, and Candoni in the East. To its west is the Sulu Sea. The unspoiled beauty of this place is a living testimony of its rich marine and natural resources. Several shipwrecks can be found in its pristine beaches including the S/S Panay during World War II. Forty two dive sites were Sipalaynons jewel and treasures.

Early inhabitants settled in the river banks. The Canman-og River (Sipalay River) in where the tumandoks built their houses in rows along the roads is the source of living at that time. Plaza and Church were also constructed. Although there was already a church in the community it could not become a town. During Spanish rule in order to become a town there must be a resident priest. The place doesn’t have a resident priest at that time. Instead, a priest from Iloilo came to visit once a year.

When the Americans arrived in the Philippines, Sipalay is already a full pledge barrio of the Municipality of Cauyan. The biggest and most progressive district in the community is called barrio. Under the American regime Debuyan beacame the first barrio Delegado. The barrio of Sipalay were separated to it’s mother town in the early 1920 through the effort of prominent leaders of the society.

Sipalay got its name from the old native phrase “si palay” meaning “there is rice.”


Top things to do in Sipalay


1. Scuba Diving | Snorkeling

Campomanes Bay Sipalay City

Your visit in this beautiful city is not complete whithout doing this. Sipalay is known for its 42 dive sites and several shipwrecks during Work War ll. There are diving companies and beach resorts offering this activity to tourists.

2. Kayaking

If you do not the courage to go diving kayaking is a great option. You can try kayaking in Perth Paradise Resort and enjoy the clustered green moulds and the crystal clear waters.

3. Boating | Island Hopping

Sugar Beach Sipalay

If you want to see more of the hidden Jewel of this city, island hopping is a must. Most of the beach owners have a motorized pumpboat and offers this activity. You can charter a boat if you want or go with a group to save some bucks. One of the place you can visit during Island hopping is Anhawan Turtle Island. A marine proctected area in Sipalay. The island is often visited by turtles to lay eggs.

4. Beach Bumming

Punta Ballo Beach

Everyone love this right? Beaches and resorts are everywhere in Sipalay. You will definitely love Sipalays’ pristine white sand beaches. One of the top beach in Sipalay is Sugar Beach. A 15 minute boat ride from the city proper and has a various resorts along its beachfront that offers affordable and friendly rates. Another place you should visit is Punta Ballo Beach. This beautiful and white Sandy Beach is perfect for divers and swimming enthusiast. Punta Ballo is known for its world class diving sites and shipwreck. There are also several resorts along this beach. You can also check Campomanes BayPerth Paradise and Tinagong Dagat.

5. Sipalay Food Park

Aside from its beautiful coastline, abundant marine life and famous beaches Sipalay has a lot to offer. If you love food and seafoods this place is perfect for you. Sipalay Food Park or the Baywalk is located right in front of the Poblacion beach. Perfect place to have dinner and have some drinks. Poblacion beach is a public beach perfect for campers and for those who would like to stay longer in Sipalay without compromise.

6. Pasaway Festival

Pasaway Festival Sipalay

One of my favorite thing to do! As a dancer before I really appreciate festivals. In Negros Occidental every city and municipality have their own unique and colorful festival. In Sipalay they have Pasaway Festival. Pasaway sa Sipalay is held annually every December. The festival is characterized with arena and street dancing competition. The dancers were clad in beautiful costumes in resemblance with the copper mineral abundance in the place. The city also celebrates Borongan Fish-tival where everyone grills and eats fish for free. It is celebrated every March during the Charter day of the City.

7.Sipalay Kite Festival

An annual celebration every March during the city’s charter celebration. The kite Festival is one of the most awaited events in Sipalay City. It showcases the creativity and ingenuity of every participants.

8. Sunset Viewing

Sipalay Sunset

Spare some time and enjoy the golden hour at the beach front. Sunset watching here is a fascinating experience.

Where to stay

Sipalay has a wide selection of resorts, hotels and inn according to your budget needs. You can check the list below for best accommodation.

  • Jewel Guesthouse
  • Mana Pension House
  • Big Bamboo Beach Resort
  • Driftwood Village Resort
  • Easy Diving Beach Resort
  • Takatuka Lodge and Dive Resort
  • Nataasan Beach Resort
  • Artistic Diving and Beach Resort
  • Bugana Beach and Dive Resort

How to get there

Dumaguet and Bacolod City are getaways to sipalay City. By public transport it can be reach at approximately 4-5 hours and 3-4 hours drive by private car.

For visitors coming from Manila and abroad you can fly  to Silay-Bacolod international Airport from different airports from the Philippines.

When to go

The data below were gathered by Google.

When to go in Sipalay

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