Guihulngan Jewel: Kansalakan Enchanted River

The city of Guihulngan houses several natural wonders waiting to be discovered. Maybe you’ll be one of the first person to visit and experience this hidden jewels of Guihulngan.

Guihulngan is a component city in the northern part of Negros Oriental. Composed of 33 barangays and a total population of 95,000, according to the 2010 census.

Guihulngan City has so much to offer. Aside from the Hinakpan Hills which resembles to that of Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Kansalakan Enchanted River is gaining popularity in social media. Its crystal clear water is very inviting and very charming.

Kansalakan Enchanted River


Kansalakan Enchanted River is also similar to that of Hinatuan Enchanted River of Surigao del Sur. They both possess weird stories though. According to the story from the locals many lives had been taken and their souls became the guardian of the river.

Kansalakan River

Having a natural shape and design make Kansalakan unique. One can enjoy the natural pool with underwater swim. The river have its deepest part of 30 feet.

Kansalakan Enchanted River

Kansalakan River is open to the public and there is no entrance fee. The local and the city government of Guihulngan pays to keep the river clean. So please be responsible whenever you visit the place. Don’t leave your garbage anywhere. Let’s protect this jewel so that next generation can enjoy this beautiful place.

Kansalakan River Guihulngan



Kansalakan Enchanted River is located at the boundaries of Barangay Balago and Barangay Banuage. It is a 23 km west of Guihulngan City. The place is accessible via private car or even single motor bike because of its paved roads. Travel time is about 40 minutes and you’ll be passing by Hinakpan Hills.

Kansalakan Enchanted River

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Photo by: Symon Dequina Mercado
Reference: Travel Negros

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