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Boracay Dos and Don’ts

For six months Boracay were closed to the public for rehabilitation. The government on Monday began its 10-day dry run for the October 26 soft opening.

As we all know Boracay is one of the top tourist destination not only in the Philippines but also in Asia.

Boracay sunset, Philippines

According to Environment Secretary Roy Cimatu during the program for Boracay’s opening dry run, the island is “now a sight to behold,”

During the dry run, the government will check the island’s water quality, solid waste management and transportation system.

Local residents who wish to visit the island were given priority during the dry run.

President Duterte had said he wants only a small part left for tourist and its majority turned into a land reform area to prioritized original inhabitants.

Below were some photos of the new Boracay and we should be proud of it!

Latest Photos of Boracay after rehabilitation



Photo: Project Lupad

Below were dos and don’ts in the “New Boracay”


  • Limited Entry and Accommodation

  1. Only 19,000 tourists may stay on the island.
  2. Tourists may be required to present hotel reservation slips before entering the island.
  3. The number of hotel rooms for tourists will be reduced to 6,000 – 9,000 from 12,000 rooms.
  • Beach Activities

  1. No smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages along the White Beach.
  2. “Laboracay” or the annual Labor Day party will be banned.
  3. Diving in waters surrounding Boracay will be temporarily prohibited.
  4. All water activities will be temporarily suspended.
  5. Dining by the beach will be prohibited.
  6. Fireworks display will be allowed only until 9 p.m.
  7. No installation of electric lights on the beach front.
  8. Sand castle making will be regulated.
  9. Souvenir shops and hawkers along the beach front will be banned.
  10. Fire dancing that uses kerosene lamps will be prohibited.
  11. Casinos will be banned on the island.
  • Water Lines

  1. TIEZA will be the sole regulator of Boracay’s water lines.
  2. Hotels not connected to the island sewage system or do not have its own treatment facility will not be allowed to reopen.
  • Livelihood

  1. Piggeries and poultry farms will be banned in the island.
  2. Hot-coal roasting of meats will be prohibited.

Source: ABS – CBN News

DOT Releases new list of Boracay hotels open for booking by October


The Department of Tourism releases new list of hotels open for booking where tourist can stay once the island reopen this October. This establishments complied with government requirements.

Name of EstablishmentLocationNumber of Rooms
357 Boracay ResortStation 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc10
7 Stones Boracay SuitesSitio Bulabog, Brgy. Balabag31
Alice in Wonderland Beach HotelStation 2, Brgy. Balabag21
Astoria Current ResortStation 3, bargy. Manoc-Manoc205
Azalea Hotels and ResidencesStation 2, Brgy. Balabag284
Best Western Boracay TropicsStation 2, Brgy. Balabag64
Blue Coral ResortStation 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc5
Boracay Haven ResortStation 2, Brgy. Balabag63
Boracay Haven SuitesStation 1, Main Road. Brgy. Balabag82
Boracay Holiday ResortStation 2, Brgy. Balabag69
Boracay Mandarin Island HotelStation 2, Brgy. Balabag52
Boracay Travelodge Beach ResortStation 2, Manggayad, Brgy. Balabag40
Boracay White CoralStation 1, Brgy. Balabag5
Calypso Resort HotelStation 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc22
Canyon de BoracayStation 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc31
Casa Pilar Beach ResortC84
Dave's Straw Hat InnStation 3, Sitio Ambulong Brgy. Manoc-Manoc11
Discovery Shores BoracayStation 1, Brgy. Balabag99
El Centro Beach ResortStation 2, Brgy. Balabag39
Ernest's Place ResortSitio Bulabog, Brgy. Balabag21
Fairways & Bluewater ResortStation 1, Brgy. Yapak700
Frendz Boracay HostelStation 1, Brgy. Balabag8
Frendz ResortStation 1, Brgy. Balabag19
Greenyard InnStation 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc5
Hampstead Boutique HotelStation 1, Brgy. Balabag8
Hannah HotelStation 1, Brgy. Balabag15
Hey Jude Resort HotelStation 2, D'Mall, Brgy. Balabag24
Hey Jude South BeachStation 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc19
Hue Hotel (Luana Hotel)Main Road, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc127
Hotel SofiaBrgy. Yapak58
Isla Azul Boracay HotelSitio Bulabog, Brgy. Balabag14
Isla Gecko ResortStation 2, Brgy. Balabag16
Island InnStation 2, Brgy. Balabag26
Jeffrey S HotelSitio Bulabog, Brgy. Balabag15
Jony's Beach ResortStation 1, Brgy. Balabag21
Jony's Boutique HotelStation 1, Main Road, Brgy. Balabag22
Lady Jean ResortStation 2, Brgy. Balabag7
Lanterna HotelSitio Bulabog, Brgy. Balabag6
Lugar BonitoStation 1, Brgy. Balabag6
Luxx Boutique Hotel BoracayStation 2, Sitio Manggayad, Brgy. Balabag11
Milflores de Boracay (Jinjiang Inn)Station 1, Main Road, Brgy. Balabag10
Moreno's CottagesStation 3, Sitio Ambulong, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc6
Nigi-Nigi Nu Noo's 'e' Nunu NoosStation 2, Brgy. Balabag37
Nirvana Beach ResortStation 2, Main Road, Brgy. Balabag32
Ocean BreezeStation 3, Sitio Ambulong, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc7
Paradise Garden Resort Hotel and Convention CenterStation 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc463
Pinjalo Resort (Jade Hill Project Property)Station 2, Brgy. Balabag24
Red Coconut Beach HotelStation 1, Brgy. Balabag50
Reef Retreat Beach ResortSitio Bulabog, Brgy. Balabag12
Roy's Rendezvous Resort and BungalowStation 3, Sitio Ambulong, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc10
Shangri-la ResortBrgy. Yapak219
Shore Time Hotel - AnnexStation 1, Brgy. Balabag12
Sol Y SombraStation 1, Brgy. Balabag5
St. Vincent Cottages (Vincent Aguirre Rooms)Station 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc27
Sulu Plaza LodgeStation 3, Brgy. Manoc-Manoc12
Sunshine PlaceStation 1, Brgy. Balabag9
Tan's Guesthouse MainStation 2, Brgy. Balabag14
Tan's Guesthouse AnnexStation 2, Brgy. Balabag14
Taj Resort and Spa MainStation 2, Brgy. Balabag11
Taj resort and Spa AnnexStation 2, Brgy. Balabag18
The Club Ten Beach ResortStation 1, Brgy. Balabag20
The Ferra Premiere by JG HotelSitio Bulabog, Brgy. Balabag36
The Lazy Dog CottagesStation 2, Brgy. Balabag26
The Strand Boutique HotelSitio Sinagpa, Brgy. Balabag13
Villa SimprosaStation 2, Brgy. Balabag24
Villa Sunset BoracayStation 1, Brgy. Balabag8
White Beach de BoracayStation 1, Brgy. Balabag5
White House Beach ResortStation 1, Brgy. Balabag30
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