Baguio Panagbenga Festival

Baguio Itinerary (2D1N Panagbenga Festival)

Hey guys! recently, me and my friends went to Baguio City to experience Panagbenga Festival. It is a 2days 1night unforgettable trip. I’ve been to Baguio a couple of times but haven’t seen the actual Panagbenga Grand Float Parade and Street Dancing. In this blog post I would like to share to you our DIY Baguio Itinerary. Where we stay, where we eat, what we do and our expenses during our Baguio trip.

Baguio ItineraryBefore anything else I want to give idea about Panagnenga Festival. Panagbenga Festival is an annual flower festival  celebrated every February which takes place in Baguio City, PhilippinesThe term “Panagbenga” came from a Kankanaey term meaning “season of blooming”. Panagbenga Festival reflects the history, traditions and values of Baguio and the Cordilleras. The festival is a monthlong celebration that highlights street dancing and float parade across the major streets of Baguio City.

Now that you have this little knowledge about the festival let’s dive in!

Panagbenga Grand Float Parade
Grand Float Parade is one of the highlight during the Panagbenga Festival.

Day 1 Baguio Itinerary

5:00 AM.          Departure from Victory Liner Cubao Station

10:00 AM.         Arrival at Victory Liner Baguio Station

10:15 AM.          Departure going to transient house

11:00 AM.          Arrival at Baguio Hill Top Transient House

11:30 AM.          Transient to Baguio Athletic Bowl

11:30 – 1:30 PM. Picture taking and strolling

1:30 PM.             Lunch

2:30 PM.             Boating, strolling, picture taking

4:00 – 5:30 PM.  Going SM Baguio, coffee, bought dinner

5:30 PM.             Departure from SM

6:00 PM.             Arrival at transient house

6 – 7 PM.             Rest

7:00 PM.             Dinner

We decided not to stroll that night and have a few bottles of beer in the house. But Baguio is not complete if you will not experience night market. I’ve been there several times so it’s not new for me. It is highly recommended for first time Traveller.

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DAY 2 Baguio Itinerary

7:00 AM.              Wake-up call

7:30 AM.               Breakfast

8 – 10:00 AM.        Shower, fixing our stuffs

10:00 AM.             Departure going to Burnham Park

11:00 AM.             Arrival at Burnham Park

11 – 12 noon.        Stroll, Picture taking

12:00 noon.          Lunch

1:30 – 4:00 PM.     Stroll

4:00 PM.                Departure going to Bus terminal

4:30 PM.                Arrival

5:00 PM.                Departure from Baguio

11:00 PM.              Arrival at Cubao

Baguio Trip Expenses


Cubao - Baguio Bus Fare

Php 485.00
Transient HousePhp 400.00 / head (depends on head count)
LunchPhp 150.00
Boating (Burnham Park)Php 150.00 / 3 = 50 each
Starbucks Coffee ( sorry coffee is life 😁)Php 150.00
Dinner (McDo)Php 200.00 each

Breakfast (Coffee, Bread)

Php 100.00
Strawberry Taho (Burnham Park)Php 30.00
Picture Taking (Igorot Costume)Php 200.00
LunchPhp 150.00
PasalubongPhp 1000.00
Bus FarePhp 485.00
Dinner (Stop Over)Php 100.00
TOTALPhp 3500.00

Our transportation is not included here. We charter a taxi during our trip estimated cost is Php 60 – 120 per trip depends on the drop off place. Jeepneys bound to Burnham and Baguio Public Market are accessible outside our transient house. Jeepney fare cost Php 8 – 10.

Where to stay in Baguio

There are plenty of hotels, inns and transient houses in Baguio City. Make sure to book ahead of time especially during the Panagbenga Festival. We choose a transient house because it is the most affordable and hotel rates during Panagbenga is extremely pricey. We only need a room for sleeping and as long as it is clean, safe and comfortable it would be okay for us.

Baguio Hill Top Transient House is where we stayed. The house has 3 rooms and 2 rooms are for rent. Every room has 4 beds good for 2 persons per bed. But instead of using only 2 beds because 8 heads is the capacity of every room the caretaker allows us to occupy the other 2 beds. Well, she is so nice to us and also the owner is really nice and accommodating.


Baguio Hill Top Transient House
A perfect spot to zip a cup of coffee in the morning! At the terrace of Hill Top Transient House.

Baguio Hill Top Transient house has no towels for use so make sure to bring your own. I don’t know if other transient houses have towels for the guest. This is my first time staying in a transient house though. There is also gas stove, heater, and kitchen utensils for you to use.

How to get to Hill Top Transient house

Baguio Hill Top Transient house is located at Bakakeng Norte, Marcos Highway. It is 100 meters away from the Bakakeng Arc. You can use Google maps or waze the place is properly pinned in GPS. Also, taxi drivers are very approachable and won’t take advantage if you are not familiar with the place.

For bookings and inquiries you can contact Hill Top Transient House via this number: +63 932 213 7722 look for Ms. Fina

 Page: Baguio Hill Top

If you would like to book a stay in Baguio City i will give you up to $55 Airbnb Credits just follow this LINK.

Search Hotels in Baguio

Popular Hotels in Baguio City

  1. The Manor at Camp John Hay

  2. Microtel by Wyndham Baguio

  3. Holiday Inn Baguio City Centre

  4. Baguio Transient House

  5. Baguio Burnham Suites

  6. Ridgewood Hotel

  7. Hotel Veniz

  8. Chalet Baguio

  9. Casa Vallejo

  10. V Hotel and Apartel


Where to eat in Baguio

Baguio City has a wide array of restaurants, cafe that offers local and authentic foods. But if you are on a budget like us Lutong Bahay and Carenderia across Burnham Park is a nice place to dine.

Famous Attractions in Baguio

Burnham Park

Burnham Park Baguio
Aura lang sa bangka 😁 @Burnham Park

During Panagbenga festival Burnham Park is the place where most of the events took place. The final judging area of street dance and Grand float parade are also held there. Certain activities are also offered at the park like boating, biking, bumped car which is perfect for family and if you have kids with you.

There are several stalls around that sells souvenirs, foods and pasalubong. Burnham Park is a must in your Baguio Itinerary.

Igorot Native Costumes
Perfect for your photo souvenir with Igorot Costumes @Burnham Park

BenCab Museum

Your Baguio Itinerary is not complete if you skip one of Baguios popular tourist spot, the BenCab Museum. The museum composed of several galleries that house the permanent collection of National Artist Benedicto Cabrera (BenCab). His paintings and collection of indigenous Cordillera art and the works of Filipino masters and contemporary artist are displayed in the museum.

Location: The BenCab Museum is on Asin Road, in known as Km. 6, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet, which simply means its six kilometers from the center of Baguio. It woul be advisable to get there by car or taxi cab since jeepneys getting out of there may be scarce.

Business Hours: Open daily from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Except Mondays.

Entrance fees: An entrance fee of Php 100.00 per person. Students and senior citizen have discounts.u

Diplomat Hotel

Built on a hill with a panoramic view overlooking Baguio City, the Diplomat hotel is an abandoned building and considered as one of the most haunted places in the Philippines.

Location: Dominican Hill, Diplomat Road, Baguio City

Business Hours: Open daily from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The Mansion

The Mansion is the official summer residence of the President of the Philippines. Older than the city itself, the Mansion is probably one of the most visited and photographed landmarks of Baguio.

Location: Located on the Eastern part of the city along C.P. Romulo Drive (formerly a part of Leonard Wood Road) and right across from Wright Park.

Camp John Hay

A beautiful resort in the mountains it features a world-class competition Jack Nicklaus designed golf course. Among other attractions inside Camp John Hay were hotels, shopping center, butterfly garden, convention center and more.

Location: Located on the south Eastern side of the Summer Capital of the Philippines. Its main gate is now located on Loakan Road, a five minute drive from its old location at the Upper Session Road – Loakan Road – South Drive rotunda.

Wright Park

A quite promenade with a long reflecting pool lined with pine trees and fronting the main gate of the Mansion.

Tam-awan Village

Tam awan Village is a reconstructed Cordillera village  showcasing the traditional Ifugao huts, and Baguio’s art and culture scene.

Location: 366-C Pinsao Proper, Baguio City

Business Hours: Open daily from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Mines View Park

An overlook park on the northeastern part of Baguio. It is five kilometers away from the heart of Baguio passing through the Botanical Garden, the Mansion and Pacdal Circle.

Lion’s Head

Located at Kennon Road this rock with the natural shape of a lion is a another tourist magnet attraction here in Baguio. Perfect place to stop over to have a photo opt and by souvenir in the stalls aligned.

Other must visit attractions that you must include in your Baguio itinerary are Baguio Botanical Garden, Baguio Cathedral and Our Lourdes Grotto. 

How to go to Baguio

Baguio City can be reach by land from different areas of Luzon. If you are coming from Manila here are the bus stations you can check.

Via Metro Manila – Travel time is approximately 6 hrs by bus and 4-5 hours by private care. Fare is Php 485.00 (As of March 2, 2019/

  • Dagupan Bus at Cubao (02) 727-2330
  • Genesis Bus at Cubao (02) 709-0803
  • Joy Bus at Cubao and Pasay (02) 733-8622, (02) 853-3115
  • Victory Bus at Cubao and Caloocan (02) 727-4688

Author’s note: This post is not sponsored. My opinion is based on what I experienced. The expenses can also be cut down if you know how to budget your money. If you want a less hassle Baguio trip there are several Travel and Tours that offers packages according to your budget.

Our Baguio trip is DIY and we had been to Baguio several times so our only purpose is to experience Panagbenga. I also included some attractions that you can visit during your trip. Mostly of the jeepneys terminal can be found in Baguio Market. Locals are very approchable so don’t hesitate to ask. Thank you guys! Don’t forget to drop your comments below or if you want to share your own DIY Baguio Itinerary 💕


Baguio Itinerary (2D1N Panagbenga Festival)
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